What we do in the quarantine

Hello there!

So, my day job is trying to kill me. It’s rather hard for a bureaucracy that desperately wants to keep tethered to the 20th century to face facts that, bro, that shit don’t play no more.

Still, I make do. Instead of something as elegant as Adobe sign where one can electronically sign a contract, I have to download, print, scan the document to the person, who then signs it, scans the signature page back to me and then I scan the entire document to another person who needs to sign and, on and on.

I really hope I can get reimbursed for all the paper and ink my pathetic little $60 Canon printer is chugging through.

BUT there is good news.

One, I’m healthy. My family is healthy. We’re doing okay although the cats don’t seem all that happy that we’re here ALL THE DAMN TIME.

Plans for world domination are on hold

And, secondly, over the weekend, I collaborated with a friend, Rosalie Sandoz, to do an audio version of my story, The Five Stages of Sleep. We hope to eventually make it into an animated short.

I’d love to share it with you all but WordPress won’t allow me to post it as an MP3 EVEN THOUGH ALL THE MANUALS SAY THAT IT WILL!!

What the fuck, man?

Maybe….later. My brain just can’t take anymore crap today.

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