I Did A Thing

I called my sister, Melinda. “Hey, I need to warn you. I did a thing.”

“AWGAWD,” she cried out. “What the hell did you do.”

First, a little backstory.

Aw, hush. You ain’t going nowhere in the quarantine so, just settle down.

Many years ago, after putting it off, I enrolled in a college. It was a community college, Saddleback, I think it was called. It didn’t really matter because shortly after my registration went through, my mother died and that keboshed that.

A few years went by and I tried again. Enrolled, was accepted, registered.

And then I got pregnant.

Enrolled again. My father died.

Enrolled again. Another pregnancy.

So, in case you’re not keeping up, if I try to go back to college, a price has to be paid. Either a birth or a death.

However, after years of depression and just tired of waiting, in 2000, I put my foot down and announced to the Heavens and to the Hells, I was going to college and getting a degree and NOTHING was going to stop me. I registered and waited for the inevitable.

It never came.

3 years later I got my Associates.

So….crashing back to NOW.

I did a thing.

I’ve enrolled in a Fall program to get a Bachelor’s. It’s all online at University of Virginia. It’s a degree in Writing, so, yes, a useless degree BUT it won’t really matter.

I’m not doing it to be useful.

I’m doing it for me.

It’s going to be expensive, time consuming and who knows if I’ll even finish it but, fuck, I’m going to try.

And, now we wait to see if the Powers that Be demand that price to be paid.

To whoever dies or pops out a womb gnome……Mea Culpa.

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