24 Hours Later

I got my 2nd Covid vaccination yesterday. Team Pfizer!

I felt fine for the most of the day. A quick episode of dizziness around noon. A slight headache started around 7 p.m. Other than that, I was fine. Even my arm didn’t hurt that much.

I did some gardening and housework. I even got the bug to organize my swag for when I get to hit conventions again and took an inventory of my books and what I needed to order.

I thought maybe…..hey, this isn’t so bad.

I thought….maybe I’m special.

Maybe I’ve got some extraordinary physical trait that, until now, was untapped.

You don’t know! It could happen!


So, FF to 24 hours later. And, guess what? I’m not special. Not. One. Damn. Bit.

It’s amazing what hurts on my body. Like, everything hurts. It’s like pain is shooting through my finger tips. My legs feel like they are weighted in sandbags. My eyes feel like raw, stinging bags of poop.

My head weighs 18 THOUSAND POUNDS and it’s taking all my energy to keep it from flopping all around.

Low grade fever, just 99 but for a person who is usually around 97 degrees, it’s uncomfortable.

OH! And the dumbs. I have a severe case of the dumbs.

SO….to cap this off…..I feel like garbage but I’d do it again if it means ending this pandemic and maybe saving someone else from getting Covid.

Maybe I am a hero….just not all that super.

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