Sunday, Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon. I have a little over 14 hours before my Monday begins.

I try not to think about that too much.

A run down of my weekend:

Friday: Met up with Nina, and we went to the First Baptist Church of Westmoreland to pay our respects to our friend, Richard. I felt like crap (my stomach was churning acid and my ass was shooting out sewage) but I went because, hey, you only get one chance to say goodbye.

It took us 30 minutes to drive out from Gallatin to Westmoreland, TN, a rural bump in the road. Nina drove even longer since she had to get to my house from Whites Creek. We spent 10 minutes standing awkwardly in a church, surrounded by strangers. I watched the digital presentation of Richard’s life flash across the screens up on the stage. It was weird to see Richard as a child, then a teenager, a young man, and then, OH YES! there’s the Richard I knew.

One cool thing: Instead of a guest book, they asked people to write their names on rocks. There wasn’t a body so, I am assuming they are cremating him. Maybe they are going to make a rock garden out of our names?

Saturday: The Girl and I went out to look at cats. She thinks a cat will somehow heal the hole she has since Tom died. I tell her to use the cats we already have but, hey, whatever.  Strangely, there were NO KITTENS at the shelter. Not a one. There were 5 adult cats. Only 5. The Girl fell in love with a cat with Feline HIV. Because of course. Luckily, they refused her adoption request because we have 4 cats already. Thank God.

Sunday: I spent today researching colleges and submitting some transcripts. Oh, yeah. I’ve decided to get my Bachelor’s. I need to do something to go forward. I can’t stay where I am. SO, I’m looking. What I want is this: A self designed BA/BS degree in Liberal Studies with a focus on the publishing industry. At least, I have a target of sorts to shoot for. Now I just have to see how I can make this happen.

And that’s pretty much my mantra right now: Let’s Make This Happen.




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