A Million Dollar Idea or Why I’m Going to Hell

I went out to lunch today with the Taco Squad.

The Taco Squad consists of me and two coworkers who, because they are professional, prefer that their names be unknown so I’ll call them Leaky Taco and Moist Taco.

To get to the pub, we cut through the Arcade. It’s a long, narrow passageway with a few eateries and shops. You see all sorts of people in there from workers grabbing lunch to tourists taking pictures.

Today, we saw Charles Manson.

I shit you not. This guy could pass for Charlie. From the X tattoo in between his eyebrows and the dead shark eyes.

And it was Charlie that gave us our Million Dollar Idea.

“Maybe he’s an impersonator?” said Moist Taco.

“Impersonator? Is that even a thing?” I said.

And then the light bulb went off.


We started to sound off on who we would offer and what service they would provide.

“Gacy, a clown handing out balloons.”



“CHOCOLATE! Remember? He worked in a chocolate factory!”

“There’s bones in the chocolate!!” we all chorused.

“OOOOH! The Giggling Granny should definitely be a bartender!”

“OOOH! Aileen Wuornos should hand out weinees on toothpicks!”

“And Ted Bundy should just wander around with an arm cast asking for a dance!”

“Who should handle coat check?”

“ED GEIN! I can’t promise you won’t get back a meat suit!”

We laughed and laughed and laughed…..

And this is why we’re all going to Hell.

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