It’s Saturday so that means a Day of Adulting. All the things I have to put off (or simply couldn’t conjure up the energy to deal with) I do on the weekend. Groceries, laundry, housework. All the boring stuff that sucked all the coolness from your parents, turning them into the Weather Channel groupies they became.

mr clever
Believes the polar vortex is an Illuminati play for power


I have a roomba. It was the one thing I demanded on getting when we moved into the new house. I figured with a house full of cats, I deserved a roomba.


Little did I know that roombas are like having a blind butler that wants to help but, frankly, I’d get more done with a freaking broom.

Still, I have one so I use it. I glued big googly eyes on it to give it personality.


It lost a pupil somewhere. I think it gives it a Piratey Look. Arrrgh.


So, today I turned it on and let it waddle around the living room and kitchen, bouncing off legs of chairs and corners. Bless it.

I plugged in the Big Vacuum Cleaner, Ol’ Blue, the terror of all the four leggeds in the house, and got down to work. I had nearly finished the rug when Ol’ Blue suddenly stopped working. I stepped on the power button but nothing happened.

I heard the roomba.

I looked over at the plug.

The roomba was running back and forth over the cord, unplugging Ol’ Blue from the wall.

Rivalry is real, y’all.


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